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  • Prodnr: Varenummer: 114282

     - Producent: EXACQ

    Video Encoder E-ADE1C

    1 channel encoder with alarm I/O, audio I/O, PTZ and PoE support. Supports EasyConnect and can be configured and adressed from ExacqVision. Requires (1) Exacqvision license. Luk
    Video Encoder E-ADE1C
  • Prodnr: Varenummer: 114075

     - Producent: Aimetis

    Video Decoder/Thin Client A10D

    Secure, reliable and cost-effective PC alternative designed to easily display 1080p video from 30+ network video manufacturers on public displays and in control rooms. Luk
    Video Decoder/Thin Client A10D

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